Drupal Web Development

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The World Wide Web is like a galaxy of information. One can get any kind of information they are looking for. In this context the need of Content management system has taken a much prominence. The DRUPAL is one such CMS (content management system). Drupal is also known as Drupal core which is an open source written in PHP. It is licensed under GNU (general public license), so it is completely free to download.

Drupal is a Dutch word which means ‘drop’. Drupal is widely popular and is used from creating personal blogs to enterprise applications. It has inbuilt core themes like Garland and Bartik, which can customize the appearance of the website. The Drupal 5.0 has come up with latest colour scheme which gives you control over managing the colour schemes of your website. It is available in more than hundreds of languages and it notifies its administrators about its updates.

With Drupal you can build your own online communities, media portal, online store, and much more you can do with it. It gives you added advantage in digital marketing. There are numbers of advantages of using Drupal, which are as follows-
The default web set up of Drupal, is provided with file maintenance tools and has high level of security.
Drupal has multi user system feature
It gives you wide representation by reaching out to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.
Drupal had shown its capability to handle thousands of requests every day, under which they solve 99% of stated requests.

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