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The Best Jobs4me a trusted name for WEB DESIGN provides for its customers LINUX services at very cost effective rates.

The LINUX is the most advanced operating system for the computer. It is the most preferred operating system for server, mainframe computers and supercomputers. The LINUX has another advantage to get it pruned according to the requirement of embedded systems. So it can be used in tablets, mobile phones, network routers, television, video games consoles etc. In other words, the popular operating system Android is based on the LINUX Kernel.

Originally Linux was developed for personal computer as free operating system for Intel 86. The LINUX is the most successful example of the free and open source of software which involves wider collaboration licensed under the GNU. The LINUX DISTRIBUTION is used for both desktop and for server use. Some of the popular LINUX DISTRIBUTION is Linux mint, Debian, Ubantu, Fedora, Open Suse, Arch Linux etc.

Soon after its launch LINUX become the strong competitor of the Microsoft which so far has monopolised the operating system market. The big stalwart companies like NASA, IBM, and HEWLETT PACKARD etc all started switching to the LINUX operating system.

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