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WE at Best Jobs4me design very user friendly website, where your customers can see the whole range of your products and services and can place orders on the shopping cart. Shopping cart basically showcases the products and also inform customers about its prices, range, number of days for delivery, volume of orders, payment gateways etc.

The Shopping cart needs to be designed dynamically, which could be able to handle the above mentioned features of the shopping cart. E-Shopping cart are implemented using HTTP cookies or query strings. It allows the shopper to keep on selecting the items or products and before payment a final bill is generated by totalling the overall amount. Then a secure gateway is generated for making payment.

The shopping cart software’s are also known as E-commerce software’s, which come in three varieties. They can be accessed from open source software’s or can be downloaded from licensed software’s. Further ASP is the third option, for having the shopping carts software’s.

We, the DELHI based Best Jobs4me for designs the most secure gateway for making payments by following the international PCI (payment card industry) standards framed by giant companies in money transfers like American Express, Master Card Worldwide etc.

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