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The world is constantly changing and moving towards betterment. It continuously seeks to upgrade itself while meeting the requirements of the people. In the same way World Wide Web after successfully performing for many decades now is stepping into its higher version Web 2.0. The supreme guiding vision behind this is that the WEB should become more dynamic in interaction. This vision in coming years is definitely set to evolve altogether a new more advanced World Wide Web.

TThe WEB 2.0 refers to a change where static web page becomes more proactive while dealing with the searches of the people. Unlike the present static form into which the Google, or similar other sites yields information, it is expected that queries will be answered by involving more people to answer it, through social networking sites. Web 2.0 advocates for more use of social networking sites, Mashups, Blogs, Wikis, Web applications etc for the World Wide Web.

WEB 2.0 also meant as Participatory WEB, which aims to weave together all the actors of development so that under the context of development contents could be produced. The WEB 2.0 believes more in the collective knowledge and conscience that will reap more benefits to the internet users and also solves their problems more efficiently. The web browser in WEB 2.0 uses Ajax and Javascript. Ajax Flex and JSON (Java script object notation) enables efficient interface interactions. We at Best Jobs4me provide the best services to our clients.

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